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The Toyota RAV4 is one of the most balanced crossover SUVs available in the American market today. In fact, with the addition of the famed Toyota durability and reliability, the Toyota RAV4 becomes downright irresistible. However, not everyone in Los Angeles will think that buying a brand new crossover SUV is cost effective, particularly considering the economic volatility existing in the market today. Instead, many people in, near and around the region of Inland Empire prefer to buy a used Toyota RAV4 by preference.

The Toyota RAV4 is a brilliant crossover SUV that will give you everything, from performance and fuel efficiency to a lot of space inside and comfortable riding. This is true even for a used Toyota RAV4. However, if you are looking for a used Toyota RAV4 for sale in Los Angeles, then it is very important for you to avoid going for a preowned option put up for sale by owner and instead choose to deal with a Toyota dealer. There is a reason why you should prefer a Toyota dealer located in Los Angeles County or Riverside County. This reason is that a Toyota dealer in Inland Empire, like us, would be able to give you options for fully certified pre-owned Toyota RAV4 SUVs. This means that you can be completely confident of the quality of purchase as you get a guarantee of the abilities and condition of the SUV.

A second hand Toyota RAV4, if kept well maintained as it is at our sprawling facility, can turn out to be as good as a brand new one. Moreover, as Toyota provides so many configuration options to a brand new buyer of the Toyota RAV4, the same applies for second hand options that you will get from Toyota dealers.

The Toyota RAV4 is available with two different engines as well as two different drive trains. The engine options include a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine and a 3.5 liter V6 engine, while the drive train options include FWD and AWD. Unfortunately, neither of these engines is available with manual transmission and only automatic transmission is an option. The mileage of the Toyota RAV4 is worth a mention as well.

If you drive your 2.5 liter engine Toyota RAV4 close to the streets of Los Angeles then you would be able to coax out a mileage of 22 mpg. On the other hand, speeding through the highways would give you 28 mpg of mileage. In the case of the V6 engine, the mileage that can be achieved by staying close to the city streets of the Inland Empire area is to the tune of 19 mpg with the highways of Riverside giving a return of 27 mpg.

A brand new Toyota RAV4 on sale is available in eight different color schemes. Therefore, unless you come across a used model with a unique paint job done by the previous owner, your color options would include Black, Barcelona Red Metallic (maroon red), Classic Silver Metallic (light grey), Black Forest Pearl (dark grey), Pyrite Mica (dark brown), Pacific Blue Metallic (steel blue), Super White (plain white) and Sandy Beach Metallic (light brown). On the inside, there would be three color options including Dark Charcoal (dark grey), Sand Beige (light brown) and Ash (light grey).

If you live in Los Angeles and want to buy a preowned Toyota RAV4 up for sale then you should know that your options would span three trims because brand Toyota RAV4 SUVs are available only in three trims. These options would include the Base trim, the Sport trim and the Limited trim. The Base trim, as is obvious, is the most basic of the three. Even so, the standard equipment that it carries is substantial with features such as 16 inch alloy wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, a six speaker sound system with CD player, a steering wheel that can be tilted and telescoped, folding seats, a cruise control system and the entire range of power accessories. In addition to this, there could be features such as a roof rack, a sun roof, rear privacy glass and 17 inch alloy wheels because of an optional Upgrade Package that Toyota offers with this trim.

The Sport trim would be a Toyota RAV4 with special sports suspension tuning, 18 inch alloy wheels, rear privacy glass and improved upholstery. You may also find used Sport Toyota RAV4 options in Los Angeles or Inland Empire with additional packages such as the Appearance Package and the Enhancement Value Package. The Limited trim is the top end trim. As a result it would contain a series of features such as 17 inch alloy wheels, automatic headlights, heated mirrors, a roof rack and a twin zone climate control system.

Regardless of which trim, engine or configuration of Toyota RAV4 you want, we can help you get it. In fact, we also have expertise in dealing with various financial situations including a bad credit score. Moreover, we can give you the best price in the entire county with the help of our special offers or promotion. Find out more. Contact us today!

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