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When the Toyota RAV4 Electric was first launched in Los Angeles in the year of 1997, the all electric mini SUV immediately made waves in Los Angeles County and even the country. The Toyota RAV4 is a mini SUV that runs entirely on electrical power which means that the kind of money it can save on day to day running costs for the owner is unmatched. Thus, if you are looking for a used Toyota RAV4 Electric for sale in Los Angeles, then it is likely that it is this quality that you desire.

While it is common for people to buy pre-owned vehicles put up for sale by owner directly, it is not advisable in the case of a used Toyota RAV4 Electric. The reason for this is that the unique and innovative technology that the Toyota RAV4 Electric is based on can be tough to maintain for an owner. However, this does not mean that you cannot buy a preowned Toyota RAV4 Electric. It just means that you should ideally purchase your used Toyota RAV4 Electric from a Toyota dealer because this would mean that your purchase is fully certified.

For instance, a well reputed Toyota dealer based near the Inland Empire region, like us, would make sure that every second hand vehicle on offer is fully tested and certified by professionals trained by Toyota itself. This would guarantee the condition of the vehicle and its future performance in your hands.

The Toyota RAV4 Electric is based on an electric motor that is designed to operate on two different modes. These modes are Normal and Sport. In the Normal mode, the output of the electric motor is balanced and it can produce up to 154 horsepower and a maximum torque of 218 pound feet. The Sport mode would free the electric motor entirely to produce a considerable 273 pound feet.

The engine has neither a manual transmission system nor an automatic transmission system and instead is equipped with a Continuously Variable Transmission system. You should also know that you would prefer the Normal mode in Inland Empire and Sport mode on the highways of Riverside because the former has a maximum speed capacity of 85 mph while the latter can go up to 100 mph. It is important to note that the Toyota RAV4 Electric is completely based on electrical power, and the kind of mileage that it can give you is truly exceptional whether you want to drive your mini SUV in the streets of Los Angeles or on the highways beyond Riverside County. One question that most people of Los Angeles ask when considering an electric vehicle is its range without a charge. In the case of the Toyota RAV4 Electric, this is not as much of a problem as it is with other electric vehicles because the RAV4 EV can last for around 100 miles on full battery. Furthermore, the second hand Toyota RAV4 Electric is also available with a dedicated charging station that makes it easier to charge.

When you start looking for a second hand Toyota RAV4 Electric close to the Inland Empire area, you will realize that this all electric mini SUV is available in four standard colors and multiple dark and light shade options are not possible. The colors that you can get your second hand Toyota RAV4 Electric in include Grey, White (plain white), Steel Blue (silver) and Pearl White (glossy white). It is worth mentioning that it may be possible that a second hand Toyota RAV4 Electric can be found in a different color because the previous owner might have given it a unique paint job.

The Toyota RAV4 Electric is available with a wide array of features because it is designed to provide comfort in conjunction with greater economy. Some of the features that you can end up finding in your options include a roof spoiler, a unique front grill, LED tail lamps and headlights, heated seats, daytime running lamps and a traction system. The Toyota RAV4 Electric on sale would also be equipped with an 8 inch wide touch screen display system that will show information sourced from the mini SUVs included navigation system, sound system and other vehicle settings.

We are a Toyota dealer who caters to the people of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas of Inland Empire and even Riverside County. We can help you find the best price for your second hand Toyota RAV4 Electric mini SUV up for sale. In fact, we have so much experience in catering to our clients that we can help you buy your vehicle even if you have a bad credit score. There are many people in the country currently who are stuck with poor finances through no fault of their own, and we have developed considerable experience in solving the problems of such people. Let us bring to fore our special offers or a deal on promotion and make your purchase simpler!

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