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In this day and age when the fuel prices are increasing beyond measure, driving an SUV is one of the more expensive things anyone could do. However, for an adventure seeker who regularly goes off – road, there is no other option than to drive an SUV. Fortunately there are ways for an individual to reconcile these two facts, and that is to buy a used SUV in the first place to counter the fuel expenses that he will incur later on. This is why it can be said that you have made a good choice if you are looking for a used Toyota FJ Cruiser for sale in Los Angeles.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of the few traditional mid range SUVs left in the Inland Empire market today as only devoted adventurists buy such vehicles now. However, within the segment, the Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of the best mainly because it balances both functionality and style perfectly. As the Toyota FJ Cruiser is only available in one trim, your choices of second hand Toyota FJ Cruisers from Los Angeles would also be limited. Even so, the variation would come in the form of various additional packages that many of your options would carry.

The standard equipment of the Base trim of the Toyota FJ Cruiser near by the Los Angeles region and the Inland Empire area include power locks and windows, black painted steel wheels of 17 inches, an adjustable driver’s seat, a tilt enabled steering wheel, cloth upholstery with resistance to water and solid vinyl flooring. Along with this, the Toyota FJ Cruiser also includes a sound system with six speakers, a CD player, a satellite radio and controls on the steering wheel. This configuration can be further enhanced through four different packages including the Convenience Package, the Upgrade Package, the Off – Road Package and the TRD Package.

The Convenience Package would result in the addition of various other features such as a rear wiper, rear privacy glass, power controlled and auto dimming mirrors, a rear view camera and a cruise control system. The Upgrade Package takes the gamut even further with the steel wheels becoming alloy wheels and the addition of electronic controls for a locking rear differential, leather wrapping for the steering wheel, rear parking sensors and a highly advanced traction control system. An 11 speaker JBL system with a CD changer and trip computer are also added.

While the Toyota FJ Cruiser is already a gem of an off – road SUV, it can be made even better with the Off – Road Package which will result in the addition of special Bilstein shock absorbers and the previously mentioned rear differential and traction control system. Finally, the TRD Package would see the 17 inch steel wheels being replaced by 16 inch alloy wheels and the inclusion of Bilstein shock absorbers and special BFGoodrich off – road tires.

One thing you will notice in all your second hand Toyota FJ Cruiser options close to Los Angeles is that they would have a white roof because this is a distinguishing trait of this SUV. Apart from this, the color options you may find include Black (plain), Army Green (dark green), Iceberg White (plain white), Calvary Blue (sky blue), Silver Fresco Metallic (light grey) and Quicksand (brown).

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is particularly well known for its off – road performances, and this is based around its power train which boasts of a 4 liter V6 engine. The standard configuration that this SUV would be available in would be RWD with a five speed automatic transmission system. However, there are two 4WD configurations also available. There is a part time 4WD option with the automatic transmission system and a full time 4WD with a six speed manual transmission system.

The problem with buying a used Toyota FJ Cruiser put up for sale by owner, whether in Los Angeles County or Riverside County, is that you can never be sure of what the actual state of the SUV is. For instance, most people who put up a pre-owned Toyota FJ Cruiser on sale tend to make it so that the vehicle looks good at a glance but causes various functional problems later on. This is why it is recommended that you buy the used Toyota FJ Cruiser for sale from a source that can give you fully certified SUVs. With a fully certified Toyota FJ Cruiser from a Toyota dealer, you will not be risking your money because you would know that the SUV is tested to perform well.

We can help you find the perfect, fully certified Toyota FJ Cruiser at the best price possible in the entire area of Inland Empire or even Riverside. In fact, we can help you even if you have a bad credit score because our payment processing department is adept at finding solutions for such problems. In addition to this, we have special offers and a regular promotion on a deal designed to help our customers reduce the rates of their purchases as much as possible. Let us show you what we are capable of. Contact us immediately!

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