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The way the world has progressed in the last decade or two means that it is now not only difficult for an individual to buy an SUV but also maintain it. The ever increasing fuel prices means that an individual would not only have to spend a mini fortune in acquiring a traditional SUV but also deal with the consistent drain on his resources for as long as he owns and uses the car. Looking at the kind of investment that traditional SUVs require, it is fairly common for many people to look for SUVs put up for sale by owner or even pre-owned SUVs on sale with dealers.

One of the most revered traditional SUVs available in Inland Empire is the Toyota 4Runner. While a new Toyota 4Runner may be a little expensive, there are many takers for a used Toyota 4Runner for sale in Los Angeles because of its numerous qualities. The biggest reason why Toyota 4Runners are so popular in Riverside County is their exceptional off road capabilities. There are very few SUVs in the Los Angeles County market that can negotiate tough off road and hilly regions the way the Toyota 4Runner can. The Toyota 4Runner is, in fact, very close to a dream SUV for any individual who likes to go for adventure trips because it has great cargo space, can cope with uneven rides and has a very strong engine and powertrain.

If you choose to buy a used Toyota 4Runner close to Inland Empire, then you will be getting the benefit of an extremely powerful 4 liter V6 engine that will be able to cope with virtually any terrain that you want to take your SUV on. The reason for this is that the engine has the ability to churn out up to 270 horsepower and approximately 278 pound feet of torque.

Furthermore, even though your used Toyota 4Runner would not be available in manual transmission, the five speed fully automatic transmission would only work towards making your life easier. Although it is likely that you would not be worried about mileage while buying a traditional SUV that is for sale, you would be glad to know that the Toyota 4Runner fares fairly well in that criterion as well. You would be able to coax out around 17 mpg from your 4Runner within the Inland Empire area while this number would go up to 23 mpg if you choose to burn rubber on the highways of Los Angeles or even the Riverside area.

Near by the Los Angeles region, like the rest of the state, a second hand 4Runner would be available in five exterior colors and three interior colors. The exterior color options include Blizzard Pearl (white), Magnetic Grey Metallic (dark grey), Classic Silver Metallic (light grey), Salsa Red Pearl (maroon red) and Black. Similarly, the interior upholstery is available in Sand Beige (light grey), Graphite (dark grey) or plain Black. The material options for the interiors include plain fabric, premium fabric and, of course, leather.

In terms of the trims of the 4Runner, you can find three different options in the form of the SR5, the Trail and the Limited. Of the three, the first one is the most basic, the first and third are available in both 2WD and 4WD and the last one is the most advanced.

The SR5 trim contains basic features such as hill assistance and descent control systems, alloy wheels 17 inches wide, adjustable steering wheel, a cruise control system, heated mirrors, the full assortment of power accessories, a trip computer and even fog lights. The 4Runner is not lacking in entertainment either as it comes with an eight speaker sound system accompanied by a CD player and a satellite radio.

The Trail trim is specially configured for off road usage as it comes with special off road tires, a rear differential that can be locked, a crawl control system for particularly difficult situations and other assorted features such as a cargo deck, a sun roof, a rear view camera, improved gauges and even waterproof seats. The Limited trim, however, is way more advanced as it boasts of 20 inch alloy wheels, fully automated headlights, a dual zone climate control system, top end suspension dampers, heated leather front seats, an HD radio, a rear view camera and Toyota’s smart phone integration system.

As is evident, going for good offers for a used 4Runner in Los Angeles is a good choice because the SUV is entirely worth it. However, there are some things that should be kept in mind and one of these is that it is important for the second hand 4Runner to be fully certified for it to be considered reliable. Furthermore, there are always ongoing specials and a sale promotion with dealers for used SUVs which need to be availed, especially for people with bad credit. The use of such resources can turn something exorbitant into the best price and deal possible in the market. We can help you achieve such goals. Contact us today and find out about the various available deals.

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